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Ways To Go Green While Saving Green In Your Home- Going Green is big news but an old fashioned trick...
Ways To Go Green While Saving Green In Your Home
Going Green is big news but an old fashioned trick; previous generations were familiar with recycling and reusing, the main reason being to save money, not the planet. The good news is that those tips will help you do both.
Home Energy Tips
Drop the thermostat in winter and raise it in summer, by a few degrees. This will save a surprising amount of money over the year.
Unplug appliances or use smart strips, this cuts the amount of energy used when they're off - know as "vampire use" this type of energy use is a real silent biller.
Use low or no heat wash cycles where possible. Most of the cost of a wash cycle is in the heating of the water. Modern fabrics will wash at colder settings.
Out and About
Walk everywhere you can or bike, including to work. This is good for your health, the planet and your pocket. Consider telecommuting, If possible, or move closer to work if you have a long commute.
Car Share, for school runs, shopping runs and work if necessary. Consider ditching the car altogether and hire for longer road trips.
Clean and Green and Smart
Show to same both water and energy, keep showers short and cool.
Create cheap, green cleaning "chemicals" at home. Baking soda, vinegar and lemon can all be used and are as effective, more so in some cases, as traditional toxic commercial cleaners.
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How To Save Equity In Home If You Can't Make Payments - The thought of foreclosure is a terrifying one...
How to Save Equity in Home if You can't Make Payments
The thought of foreclosure is a terrifying one. Everything you've worked for is in jeopardy. Once the process has begun, it can be hard to save enen the equity in your home. Here are four simple steps which may help you to save both the equity and  your home itself.
Reduce Your Interest Rate
Even a reduction of one per cent in the rate of interest you pay can save thousands of dollars per year. Discuss your options with your existing provider and also approach other reputable lenders.
Extend Your Loan
Extending the term or your loan may be an alternative option that your provider may consider. This can reduce your monthly payment to an affordable figure. Again, the possiblity of re-mortgage with a new provider may provide this option.
Sell Your Home
Depending on your local market and the desirability of your property this is also an option. If you choose to take this route discuss it with your provider and ask them to allow reasonable time for you to sell and repay. Most providers are keen to see the money, rather than have the hassle of foreclosure.
Rent Your Home
An alternative to renting, this option may allow you to meet your payments from the rental income, while you rent a property that you can afford based on your existing income. This can give you the opportunity to save both the equity in your home and return to it at a later date when your circumstances improve.
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Common Mistakes Made While Selling A Home - Buying and selling a home is a costly business but there...
Common Mistakes Made While Selling A Home
Buying and selling a home is a costly business but there are plenty of tips and tricks to make sure it doesn't cost you more than it needs to! Here are the most common mistakes sellers make.
The Price
Make sure the price is right - not just the highest you think you can achieve. Most buyers will view a range of properties in the area and will be looking for the most competitive option. Your Realtor should be able to provide a Comparative Market Analysis (known as "comps"). This will help you assess if your price is too high, or too low.
The Presentation
Repair any visible damage before marketing your house and thoroughly de-clutter your home. Keep presentation simple so that buyers can imagine their own furniture and style in the space, not yours! Consider replacing low cost items such as window coverings and counter tops. Keep the costs down but make everything look as fresh and new as possible.
Not everybody that views your home is serious about buying. Accept that some viewers will simply be "lookers", while others may be trying to get a feel for the area, not just your home! If patience is not one of your virtues, consider staying out of the way and let your Realtor do what they do best.
The Right Realtor
Once your home is ready to market take some time to research the right Realtor. Compare and contrast several, check what services they provide and, most importantly, if they specialize in your type of property. Buying and selling a home is serious business and it pays to have the right professional on the case.
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Common and Costly Mistakes Borrowers Make - Buying a home, particularly for the first time is fraught...

Common and Costly Mistakes Borrowers Make

Buying a home, particularly for the first time is fraught with pitfalls. Most of them are of the expensive variety! In this quick guide we take a look at the most common mistakes people make when buying their first (or next) property.
Know the Score
Or, more precisely, your credit score. This impacts on how easy it will be for you to get pre-approved and also the rate of interest you'll need to pay. Monitor your score and try to improve it before applying for a loan. Knowledge is (Buying) Power.
Getting pre-approved by a lender makes all the difference when it comes to your first home. You'll be in a better position to browse the market knowing exactly what you can afford. This saves time, and potential disappointment and delays, along the way.
The Added Extras
A common mistake that leaves credit cards maxed out at the end of the process is not budgeting for closing costs. These include a range of professional fees payable on closure. Itemize these and include them in your overall budget to avoid last minute and expensive surprises.
Your lender will work out the amount that you can afford to repay but this doesn't reflect the real costs of running your home. Be sure that your incomes can cover domestic bills, car running costs, insurance and grocery bills. Work out how much running your new home will cost for real and be sure that you've got it covered!
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7 Things You Forget To Clean - Everyone wants to present their home at its best, especially when selling...

7 Things You Forget To Clean

Everyone wants to present their home at its best, especially when selling it! Here's the top seven dirt and dust magnates that we all forget to clean from time to time. They may seem like small details but don't forget those details can be the most devilish!
1. Between appliances; the smaller the gap, the more it gets overlooked. Scraps of food can build up over time!
2. What lies above; the tops of appliances are great magnets for dirt, as are cabinets, light fittings and moldings around the room or doors and windows.
3. Ceiling fans are another commonly overlooked item on the daily list of chores! Use a specialist fan duster to
access and clean them.
4. Radiators and heating/cooling vents; as air circulates it brings all manner of dust to rest on the internal surfaces of traditional radiators or air vent covers. Again, specialist dusters are ideal.
5. Windows; not the glass itself but the inner parts of the frames, only exposed when open, dust, dirt and bugs
are often found lurking in these areas.
6. Switch plates; you may be on top of the visible ones but moving exposes long forgotten, and dirty, hidden ones. A quick wipe should do the trick.
7. Moving out, or in, is the perfect time for a thorough clean of carpets and floor coverings.
More important,
perhaps, in your new home. Hire a firm to deep clean – but ensure that covers are in place for moving day.
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How to Get a Permit for Home Improvements - Because you’re not married to
Tim the Toolman. And to prevent...
How to Get a Permit for Home Improvements

Because you’re not married to Tim the Toolman. And to prevent the mishaps that would happen if you worked with Tim the Toolman. For most home improvement projects, excluding painting, carpeting, and landscaping, you need to obtain a permit before you begin work. Here are some steps to follow in order to get one.
First, go to the planning office at your local government building. Explain to them your plans for the renovations, including details of the size of your property. They will inform you of whether or not you need a permit, and help you in the process of getting one.
There are several permits you will probably need, a building permit, planning permits and plumbing and electrical permits. If you get them all at once, it should be cheaper than obtaining each one separately. You should have records of permits from any past work before starting a new project. If an inspector finds that previous un-permitted work has been done, it will be much more expensive to order a permit for those improvements. Copies of records may be found at the planning office, or from the county assessor.

Once you have all the appropriate records and dimensions, it is time to hire a designer or an architect. They will work on the improvement plans with you, and submit them to the local government. The government officials may require edits on the plans and ask for re-submission before a permit will be granted. Work closely with your architect to make sure all points are addressed and your permit is granted as quickly as possible.
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Top 10 Most Stressful Moving Tasks - Moving house is a major stressor. But the stressful tasks involved...

Top 10 Most Stressful Moving Tasks

Moving house is a major stressor. But the stressful tasks involved with a move can be mitigated with a little planning. These tips will help you address some of the more stressful tasks and get you ahead of the curve.
1. Escrow – The final escrow process can easily make buyers feel as though they’re in homeownership limbo. Make the most of this time by getting a head start on packing, switching utilities and other small jobs that may get lost in the shuffle once your move begins in earnest.
2. Getting Started – Packing up to move is a big job and it’s easy to become overwhelmed at the thought. Start by simply packing things already in storage. Tape, label and prepare your seasonal decorations, camping gear and even extra bedding. Seeing boxes packed and ready to go will help with motivation.
3. Physically MOVING – If possible, hire professional movers to tackle the heavy lifting and moving. If that’s
not an option, enlist friends to help with promises of pizza and a big IOU.
4. Unpacking – Make finding a new home for everything a bit easier by labelling boxes clearly and packing for where you want things to be instead of where they were in your old home.
5. The Final Clean – Once that last box is gone, give the floors one final wipe down and clean counters and sinks. Make this final clean a bit easier by using disposable supplies and rags you don’t mind throwing away.
6. Mail, Magazines and Other Paperwork – Take care of forwarding your mail and switching magazine subscriptions online. The USPS and many magazines make it easy to update your address information online.
7. Switching Utilities – Transferring cable and internet as well as household utilities is often just one more thing to remember on an endless To Do list. Streamline it and do them all at once – schedule each one for the day before your move so it’s all up and running as soon as you walk through the door.
8. Cleaning the New Home – Just as you’ve finished cleaning your old home, you’ll need to tackle the new
place. If possible, hire a local green cleaner to give the place a good once over. Otherwise, plan to clean each room before you begin putting things away.
9. Keeping Track of the Paperwork – The process of buying a home is filled with notes, invoices, receipts, contracts, titles and a variety of other paperwork. Get a separate envelope style folder and keep everything together, separate from other paperwork in the home.
10. Maintaining Your Sanity – Moving is stressful, there’s simply no way around that. Take time to plan your next move, stay organized and maintain regular To Do lists. Getting and staying organized will make the move easier and will help to protect your sanity, too.
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Tips For Going Solar -It sounds like a perfect plan. Use the sun’s naturally given energy to source...
Tips For Going Solar
It sounds like a perfect plan. Use the sun’s naturally given energy to source electricity for your house and heat your water. Save money and the environment. But there are a few things to consider before you jump right into installing solar panels (or a photovoltaic [PV] system) across your roof.
Will It Work?
The tricky thing about solar panels is that they need sun. If you live in one of those places that tends to be cloudy all year long, solar panels just might not generate enough energy to be worth it. Consider how much sun your area gets to determine whether installing solar panels will save you money. There are sites online to help calculate how much sun an area gets, and PV installers who have worked in your area before may be able to offer advice.
Consider the Cost
Think of how high your energy bills are right now. Are they really super high, or is it going to cost more to install the panels than it is to pay your monthly bills? Remember of course that solar panels take a few years to pay for themselves, because there is a significant cost to installing them. However, if your energy bills are high, the solar panel route may in fact save you a good deal of money, even if you live in one of those less sunny areas.
Working the System
Look into the option of a grid-tied system. This allows homeowners with extra energy from their solar panels to sell their excess and make an additional profit. The system also comes in handy if you run a bit low on energy yourself, because you have a place to find more.

If you do decide to go solar, make sure to read all the fine print on the contract, including the warranties of all the parts. Hire a reputable installer, and know how much it should cost before you get into it. Once you have everything in place, sit back, relax, and enjoy the sun.
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6 Tips for Moving With Pets

Plan Ahead
Be prepared for moving day, and make sure your dog or cat is prepared too. Take them on a mini road trip before the big day, so they can get used to being in the car, and especially to being in a crate. Make sure your animal has spent some time in their crate before moving day, so that this does not become an unfamiliar and stressful experience.
Don’t Pack All At Once
Even when you’re going on vacation, your pet knows what it means when you start packing your suitcase. Don’t pack everything all at once; give your animal time to get used to some of the boxes and suitcases before making huge piles of them.
Find a Vet Ahead of Time
Locate a good veterinarian before you get to your new location. Have your current vet send all their files over to the new organization to avoid hassle and be prepared if your animal gets sick.
Order New Tags
Make sure to get new tags for your pet before you move, so you have them ready as soon as you arrive at your new address. If your pet does get lost in a new neighborhood, it will be harder for them to find their way back home.
Keep Them Away From Stress
While you and the movers are loading the truck, keep your pets away from the activity. Unusual activity and lots of strangers running around is likely to cause them stress. Have them play in the backyard or stay in the basement, away from all the excitement while you pack.
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